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This year, something entirely different; a brother's marriage

_DSF5425Only last march I went back to Indonesia to attend my sister's marriage, and yet here I am again, attending a brother's; this one, however is a brother from another mother (and father too). Liman, as we like to call him among many other, less appropriate names to call him from, had been our sworn brother - a practice common in asian countries, mind you - for at least 8 years. A brotherhood (to be more precise, a siblinghood) of 8 people, we knew each other from series of both fortunate and unfortunate events, and had a series of traditions we uphold. Long story short, we know each other very well, and treasure ourselves quite a lot. Yesterday, the 2-day long wedding ceremony took place; today, he is officially a married man. Three Cheers for a brother in love, and an extra one for going where no one of us had gone before.

I had the fortune of documenting some behind the scenes, and here they are. This is for my brother, Leeman (another name we call him amongst the more appropriate ones), and to my other brothers and sisters.







And here's a portrait for you, dear brother,



cover3 After a long, arduous steps, I have finally published my most recent project that took a bit of time to make - Buskers. Buskers tells the story of the art of street musical performance, and the people behind it (click on the image or here to go to the project). It is an ongoing project, but I had to share the first part because it felt so close to my heart, and perhaps because it's a personal message to a friend.

It is not everyday that we meet people who inspires us, and I blame fate to have allowed me to have met such an inspiring figure, B - the man behind the first part of the busker project. I truly hoped that my work - to a certain point - captured the essence of the man, for my words could never have. I have never met a man more open to strangers, both through music and rconversations, as B. Warm as a kindling fire to anyone who approaches him, I had wondered how B's past had affected him. I, of course, am in no place to understand the links between his story and his present, and can only gaze in wonders.

In the end, this post is a message to B - it has been a great pleasure in meeting you. It has been a great learning process, and I did learn a lot from you. I truly hope that whatever you are doing will be fruitful, and that you never stop being a source of warmth in the cold of winter, nor the comfort of rain in the draught of summer.

Cheers, Adi

Restaurant at the intersection of memory

we sat down at a half full wooden table, long enough to fit thirty. "Three bowls of soup?" A man wearing the shop's uniform asked us - I asked for one with lungs and pieces of heart, a friend of mine asked for one with just pieces of heart, while the other asked for pieces of meat. As we waited for our dinner I looked around the shop; a brightly lit large room with two long wooden tables that fit all of the customers, sitting next to each other, acquaintances or otherwise. The entrance to the shop was but a giant hole in the structure, offering no semblance to doors, cept for some wooden frames. The wooden tables, covered with patterned plastic, looked older than one would care to remember. A glance away from the entrance was a television with brown tinted monochrome pictures, looking as if it was airing shows from many years back, complete with noise and scratches.

As we ate, I noticed some singing, a familiar tune. I was trying to recall the tune when it came to me.

Pulang ke kotamu Ada setangkup haru dalam rindu Masih seperti dulu Tiap sudut menyapaku bersahabat

Translated roughly; Heading back to your town, there lies a handful of melancholy in your longing. Still as they were, every corner greets me with affection. It was a song I remembered, an alluring song that brought me a certain elation. Slowly I could hear some people sitting closer to the wandering musicians playing the song started to sing along, and so did I. It was a song about another town, not one of my birthplace,nor is it one that I have much of a connection with - cept for some memories that I treasure.

It did not take much for the place to quickly be etched in my mind; a small shop offering their fares of meal, accompanied with musics that brings back memories. Then I remembered another lyric in the song:

Terhanyut aku akan nostalgia, Saat kita sering luangkan waktu - Drifted away in the streams of nostalgia, as we spend some time together.