Iphone photojournalism? why not!

I have never been a big opponent of Iphone (or ANY SMARTPHONE) photography - I love using it when I don't have my camera with me, and I had always thought that it takes good picture; for instagram at least. Whenever I could, however, I would prefer my DSLR - faster focusing, better dynamic range, and... now that you mention it, I don't know what else. Indeed, one day, a mob of workers in protests appeared in front of my eye when I didn't have my camera with me. I took out my Iphone, and started shooting. IMG_2210



Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) the Iphone (or again, ANY SMARTPHONES) allowed me to get really close. The tiny, non threatening size allowed people to be more comfortable with me putting a piece of thin box before their faces. I might look funny running around pointing my cellphone at people's faces, but at least I got great photos from such tiny contender (it's smaller then a Leica!)

So, Iphone photojournalism? Why not indeed.

Not every Fridays are filled with parties and booze - unless you have this app!!... maybe...

In an unusual, friend related post, I was held at a gunpoint to promote this startup funding for a wonderful new app to be built from scratch (yes, from scratch - pen, paper, and bananas and stuff; might include computers at some point, I don't know) by my good pals in Columbus, OH. Seriously though, the app seemed to be pretty cool; it tracks weekend events around you - with magic. Foo fighters concert? COOL! DGM is suddenly playing in your neighborhood music hall? hells yeah! JB concert? time to catch up on some work. With HiFriday, your Fridays will be filled with joy, happiness, and excitement (disclaimer: some friends may be required). They're putting a lot of work into this project, and would love to see your thoughts, questions, and support for the startup fund for the project! You can check the startup project below:


or you can go straight to the Dev's blog, here!

How to VOTE

If you liked the idea of having fun on a friday night; vote for it! or at least ask them how it works!