Restaurant at the intersection of memory

we sat down at a half full wooden table, long enough to fit thirty. "Three bowls of soup?" A man wearing the shop's uniform asked us - I asked for one with lungs and pieces of heart, a friend of mine asked for one with just pieces of heart, while the other asked for pieces of meat. As we waited for our dinner I looked around the shop; a brightly lit large room with two long wooden tables that fit all of the customers, sitting next to each other, acquaintances or otherwise. The entrance to the shop was but a giant hole in the structure, offering no semblance to doors, cept for some wooden frames. The wooden tables, covered with patterned plastic, looked older than one would care to remember. A glance away from the entrance was a television with brown tinted monochrome pictures, looking as if it was airing shows from many years back, complete with noise and scratches.

As we ate, I noticed some singing, a familiar tune. I was trying to recall the tune when it came to me.

Pulang ke kotamu Ada setangkup haru dalam rindu Masih seperti dulu Tiap sudut menyapaku bersahabat

Translated roughly; Heading back to your town, there lies a handful of melancholy in your longing. Still as they were, every corner greets me with affection. It was a song I remembered, an alluring song that brought me a certain elation. Slowly I could hear some people sitting closer to the wandering musicians playing the song started to sing along, and so did I. It was a song about another town, not one of my birthplace,nor is it one that I have much of a connection with - cept for some memories that I treasure.

It did not take much for the place to quickly be etched in my mind; a small shop offering their fares of meal, accompanied with musics that brings back memories. Then I remembered another lyric in the song:

Terhanyut aku akan nostalgia, Saat kita sering luangkan waktu - Drifted away in the streams of nostalgia, as we spend some time together.