It is a good day. The weather is good, the skies are clear, and it's Saturday; but those are not the reason why the day was good. A friend of mine, JM is graduating, and she wasn't the only one who was happy for the occasion. JM obtained her bachelor in fine arts, after working restlessly for four years. Most of the art students that I know are exceptionally dedicated, and not to mention capable; JM was no exception, she was, if any, a perfect example. The four years was undoubtedly filled with things impossible to explain; meeting new people, learning new skills, understanding more about life, or even more about oneself. The four years culminated into this day, with JM proudly holding her diploma in her hands, signs of congratulations on her other. It is, however nowhere near the end for her long journey; more things are still to be unfold, more joys to be had, more lessons learned. Today was but another step of her life, but even so, it was a great, wonderful, beautiful, strong, and important step of her life.

All those said, I just wanted to congratulate you for your graduation. Congrats! I don't really have too much to give you on this glorious occasion, so in exchange, I hope this portrait of yours will do.