Plates, Art, Friendship, and Everything in Between

One year ago, I introduced to my good friend whose name is a mouthful, Heidy Dianakurniawan a porcelain specific marker used to draw on everything porcelain - from plates, to cups, to mugs, to the creepy dolls that your great great grandma might have. Heidy Dianakurniawan herself (whom, from now on will be regarded as HeidyDK) is a wonderfully talented artist specializing in graphic design; her flat oriented approach towards the projects she works on amuses me to no end - her works could be seen in her website here. On her first introduction with it, HeidyDK used the marker that I bought on several plates that I had to draw to her delight, and the result was wonderful. I had never used the plates for meals ever since (which certainly defeats the purpose of using a porcelain specific marker, but I digress. A year later, HeidyDK asked me to photograph her plates. I - who had been practicing my commercial oriented photography as of late - was more than happy to do so. I ended up working with another friend, Eric who also is a photographer, out of certain, unmentionable interest (you can find his instagram here). We (somewhat unintentionally) worked up a two sided concept of 'outdoorsy' and 'indoorsy' plate presentation. For the outdoorsy shoot, we juxtapose the plates with a Nikon FE and a Billingham camera bag.


For the Indoor plate, a more sleek approach was taken with a black background, a glossy mouse, and a tablet stylus. The sleek-er approach was used to represent an... artist's workspace, I suppose? In the end HeidyDK loved the result (or so she said), and so were we. _MG_9491-3