FIsherman of Infinity

_MG_8908 A man was sitting on a giant boulder - one among many that made up the shoreline - while checking his fishing bow. The sea was calm, he thought, though not calmer than usual; tiny waves splashed into the boulders as he prepared a bait and cast his line. The man hummed some notes from the old country while his floater sway along with the tiny waves; his footing was calm, steady - rock solid. The calm seas gave way to cumulonimbus distances away in the horizon, piling upon itself following the waters stretching beyond infinity.

Following the first frame I took before the shot above, an image rose up in my head - a very old one that I had kept dear for a while; it was an image of a man fishing in the edge of the universe. There was a couple of guys - all of which were really nice - when I came over to snap some pictures. Prompted by the image in my head, however I knew I had to isolate the subject, presenting him and the "universe," represented by the sea and the cumulonimbus clouds. I truly enjoyed this picture in the making (it involves me climbing over a couple of boulders and squatting in an uncomfortably risky positions), and the fact that the idea got carried on through and through was something rather new to me.

Following the 'infinity' theme, I made another shot at a bay nearby, and came up with the 'infinite pier' shot below. I did like the shot, and the colors were quite nice with its silky blue look.