Les Animales

One of my biggest weakness is my inability to "see" light - this made it harder for me to use flash in my photography, no matter how much I wanted to. On a related note, I have always wanted to do a black background photography. Earlier today I started my light/flash training._MG_7553


A piece of black paper, some random boxes, a suitcase, a tripod leg, and a flash later, I took hundreds (literally) of photos of my M3. some turned out better than others. Most of the shot were taken with the flash 'feathered' towards the M3, where the light hit only the peripherals of the object - a technique I learned from Kevin Clark in Duchemin's Publication, "Photography" magazine.

What did I learn? I learned that controlling flash is difficult, and a minuscule change in direction and feathering could mean a completely different image. Another lesson was that a couple of dollars worth of black paper could make a wonderful backdrop.

Porta 'studio' - a piece of black paper, a luggage, and a shoebox.