After The Books

Months follow the book shoot, and my sister and her then-fiancee-but-not-really were running around trying to get married. I appeared at the end of the line - at the actual marriage, with my trusty camera in my hands to capture the moment; the moment when it all changed. The moment when, instead of losing a daughter, my parents gained another son; and I gained a new brother. Looking back on the photos now, it reminded me of an Eluvium song, An Accidental Memory. The wedding played liked an old movie in my head, and the photos will one day be old and yellow (if printed), and for many, it will be an accidental memory, taken by the bride's brother. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1858,1859,1849,1850,1851,1852,1853,1854,1855,1856,1857"]