Hundred Alleyways; Legian

"Come, look inside, we have souvenirs," a shopkeeper urged me as I walked down the streets of Legian, Bali. The shopkeeper's call, along with many of its incarnations, seemed to be ubiquitous through the hundreds of shops scatterd along the bustling street of Legian. A favorite tourism spot for Europeans and Australians, the streets of Legian offers not only souvenirs, but also food, nightclubs, hotels, and through silent whispers and murmurs, hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana. Interestingly, another popular offering, seen in many parts of the street, was motorcycle rentals; often rented by westerners, these bike rentals provides transportation for the more adventurous tourists. Basking in the afternoon sun, motorbikes lined up alongside Legian street for tourists to rent.

What captured my attention, however, was not the brightly lit shops and their similar, familiar wares; nor was it the jutting five star hotels with their luscious marble walls - it was the little alleyways; tens, perhaps hundreds of them, sandwiched in between shops like secret, nameless paths. The traditional stone paved road, surrounded all throughout with old buildings, could provides an insight to the life behind the grandiose scene of Legian, Bali - at the very least, it provides us with a sneak peak of the backstage to the show.

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