Malino - The Highlands in Everyone's Heart (In Makassar)

Through the winding road, high atop the mountains, passing rocky, bumpy roads of Gowa is Malino, a small village in the region's highland. An oasis from the hot, dirty weather of the city for many, Malino had always been a major tourism spot in Makassar. Passing through the main roads in Malino, one finds themselves in the middle of both local and city staples, such as terangbulan, a type of pancake filled with chocolate, cheese and nuts; corns, roasted with butter and topped with sweet sauce; and nyuknyang, pork meatballs with broth. One of the main attractions of Malino, however, is its traditional market. Filled with vegetables and fruits, fresh as they can be, along with traditional sweets, Malino's traditional market became the definite destination for many, if not the only reason to visit. Faced with low prices for many high quality fresh vegetables, many visitors would find themselves coming out with bags of produce filling their hands and car.


Another famous landmark in Malino is the takapala falls. With its waters falling from as high as 109 meters (360 feet), Takapala falls produced a mighty roar and a tremendous amount of mist around the area. Reaching the base of the falls, though difficult, proved to be worthwhile. Seen from the base, the might of the waterfall is both terrifying and awe inspiring.



Along with the market and the falls, another famous spot would be the tea fields. Acres and acres of tea plants on top of the mountains proved to be a wonderful sight. Once in a while, fog would come sweeping the whole landmark, engulfing the highlands with thick, white fog



Overall, Malino proved to be a major sight despite the passing years. Some things change; the weather wasn't as cold, and the number of people visiting increased, but some wonders stayed the same. _MG_4493