Bridges of sails and ship

The call for prayer was resounding all throughout the city, while every imaginable vehicle - cars, bikes, trucks, mopeds - scurry to nearby food stalls and restaurants; Iftar had arrived, a time when Muslims break their fast during the month of fasting. I, on the other hand, headed to a renowned local traditional port - Paottere. Still an active sea port in the modern days, Paottere was filled with ships, mostly traditional - nearly a hundred of them. My guide prompted me to hop into one of the ships - random stranger's, to be more precise - before hopping onto a small creaky ladder, bypassing a gap of water. Where my guide hops around the stairs gleefully, I barely made my way through the ships; but enough to grab some pictures. _MG_3903


I didn't have much time before the sun sets, but the small time I spent in Paottere assured my return sometime soon.