Ten more days

Ten more days until I leave the states - and venture forth to a completely different direction. Photography had grabbed my hand and pulled me to her carriage; I will be venturing with her for now - for as long as she allows me to. The last couple of months I had been slowly moving out of America, in which the effort which got more difficult as the last few days approached. Over the last days in America I had been struggling to get things straight with moving and travel. Finally however, I am now on my last travel around the states before I leave. As of writing this now, I am in Las Vegas. Here, I visited a site that I had wanted to visit since long - Grand Canyon. Visiting near the sunset, however, was impossible. I decided to visit the canyon in the middle of the day instead - a truly horrendous experience, it being the middle of summer. That said, I got a couple of interesting shots. My favorite one being the first picture; the Hoover dam.

_MG_0885 _MG_1018-2 _MG_1129

AS I get to Indonesia, I can't be sure how often I can update my blog and Images. I just hope for the best.