The Four - a Lunch

It can be quite interesting when life squish people together only to pull them apart a little later - same thing happened to my three of my friends and I. It's an unlikely meeting between the four of us, one that was set in motion a while ago, but culminated only very recently, and only for a short while. It made sense, I thought when I was having the last lunch with them, but it did not occur to me before that. Nevertheless, it made a lot of sense. All of them, I had known for a long time (somewhat)- Vincent, for almost three years or a little more now, and Vania and Anni for almost two years - but the four of us never got lunch together. Somehow. They might have, but never with me, so I guess more so than anything it had been me all along who had missed the ride, yet I was glad to have been a part of it._MG_6039




We had a long lunch, stalling Vincent from his class along the way (30 minutes late for a one hour class). As we were having lunch, a wall riddle with graffiti capture my eye; well, that along with Vichan's monochromatic clothings. I wanted to do a study on subject isolation where the subject is monochromatic and the background is heavily colored, so I asked him to put up his hood as I took a couple of pictures. I would love to have used my longer lens instead, but 50mm was what I had in hand, so just went with it.


As far as I know, in a couple of months, the four of us will be all over the place. The story, however, will remain. The four of us, and a short couple of hours. It will remain here for people to see, and for us to return to.