People of Columbus- A promotion for Nikon D3000 I'm currently selling

Once upon a time, there was a humble DSLR; a Nikon D3000. Though humble, it is as much of a pushover as a train - that is to say, not at all. A good friend of mine is selling her Nikon D3000 after she moved to a mirorless- I wanted to help by borrowing it and spent an entire day shooting with D3000. Truthfully, I just really wanted to shoot with the D3000, and here's my opinion on THIS particular D3000; it's a beaufiful camera- so beautiful that it should be given a name. I decided to go around Columbus to shoot with the D3000, armed with two lenses, the 17-55mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens, and a raggedy, old, $40 50mm/f1.8 manual focus from the 1800s (this one is mine, not to be included in the sales). I walked around german village to find a lot more people than usual, which makes me a very happy little photographer indeed. I took a bunch of people photo with the D3000. Great focus, very beautifully soft shutter, and very fast handling by the D3000 captured my heart instantly. The slow buffering rate means that in burst mode it shot no more than 3fps, but that's plenty enough for me. Also, shoutout to people I met in front of the german village cup-o-joe; if you guys actually checked out my blog - thank you!_DSC0124







But I'm not a people photographer! you might say, well fret not! D3000 does more than that. I have to tell you that the picture quality of the D3000 is astounding- plain astounding. I spent some time taking random pictures around Columbus with it, and I realized that It's just beautiful (the camera, though Columbus was too). The first two pictures below were taken with the old 50mm lens at wide open; I realized there are quite an amount of softness to the picture for you techies out there, but it's great enough for me (the picture quality that is). The rest of the pictures were taken with the kit lens, most, if not all of which are super sharp. _DSC0068








_DSC0157 _DSC0337

Personally I really LOVED the D3000. Why one might ask? Because it is so simple. I know those words are so cliched, but it's true. Very rarely did I fiddle much with it (other than using my manual focus manual exposure 50mm/1.8; which is still fun fiddling). I held a graduated ND in my left hand (that I usually use for my canon - way too big for this lens) just in case I need em, and shot away. I have to repeat one more time; it was so much fun. D3000 was so much fun to shoot. Now, I'm going sell the thing on Craigslist, mostly because I don't like selling through eBay. I checked ebay and the price would be around $250 for a flawless used D3000. I'm selling it for $170. Why? there's a tiny crack in the LCD screen that did not impede my shooting experience whatsoever (I took 350 pics in 3 1/2 hours, so it was comfortable).I had just cleaned the lens and the sensor prior to the shots today (I used a kit cleaner, according to its instructions, so again, fret not - I did not damage the lens nor the sensor). With the camera, comes the charger (of course), the kit lens, and the manual. You might want to change the straps, but for me it was long enough. BUT! because I'm feeling like having fun, along with the camera, I'm also including a signed print of my image below.


To be perfectly honest, I don't know if you actually want my image or not, so if you completely loathe the image (ugh, who'd want such horrendous image? - i'm sorry), then just tell me no and I wont include it (same price though). This is because I have one printed image on a thin mat lying next to me, and I thought "Why not?" Anyway; if you're in Columbus, feel free to contact me through here, or through the craigslist post (link will be posted here soon), if interested.