And Then There Were Three

_MG_4683A year had passed since the last Columbus College of Art And Design graduation commencement, and this year she is proud to present us three more proud graduates from its bosom. Those that knows them knows how much they had poured into their craft, and those who don't had missed the acquaintance of three of the most wonderful artists I had ever seen. I was honored, and lucky enough to take their pictures as they walk upon the grand stage where they set down their cornerstone, upon which they will look back in pride - "that was where I started", they would say. First and foremost - a congratulations; or rather, three congratulations, one for each of the graduates. Incidentally, I am indebted to all three of the graduates much much too deeply, so a couple of words must be said about each of them.


Vincent Tjandra. Where can I ever be today without the shoulder, words, and heart of this fine young lad? I could go on forever, but open minds and ears, patient; kind; passionate heart, and unforgiving critiques, are among the very little I can say. It was perhaps a little over three years ago when I met him, and his heart had called him somewhere else - perhaps much like myself. I had never meet someone as patient nor kind as him, and yet so strong in his stance against the world - this would lead him to the choice he made a little while ago, a choice even I would see as fitting. Those who hadn't heard of the full story should ask him in person, but as for now, I would rather just say: Thank you for the long nights of conversation, thank you for the stupid pointless things we've talked about, those which without, most of my times in Columbus wouldn't have been as much fun - and as meaningful. Congratulations, Vichan. Wherever life takes you, you'll make a deep impact; and I shall find you again. Again; congratulations.

_MG_4663 _MG_4667 _MG_4948



Arianni Kurniawati. It would be massively unfair to compare anni to Vichan, but this I have heard many times, for aside from Vichan, I had never met someone as kind and gentle as Anni. Such humbleness, such kindness, such caring. Funny, smart, understanding, and headstrong. Those that know her as much (or as little) as I do, would wholeheartedly agree with what I just said. A long time ago she accompanied me on the rooftop of the parking lot in OSU, and we talked for hours end. One can only pretend to be so nice when talking to Anni, for soon they will be pulled down through her personality - as was what happened to me. She didn't say much but the words from her heart, and the things she had obtained through the years, and yet it humbled me beyond those I had ever experience before - a surreal yet wonderful experience. Talking to Anni had always been, and I dare say, will always be comfortable for reasons I had said prior. If what she has doesn't make her an amazing artist in the future, I don't know what will. Ariani Kurniawati, Congratulations, much, much congratulations I give unto you, and a billion thank you.






Vania Ardelia Soemarsono. There are so much I could write here, a little of which could be captured in the photo I took above. When I asked her if she was close to the (correct me if I'm mistaken) president of CCAD of whom she hugged above, she answered; "not really." "Why, then?" I asked; upon which she said: "Why not?" Wonderful spontaneity, vast, boundless mind, yellow green imaginations, along with a million other colors incomprehensible to others. I had seen passion in others, but none like the one she had. I had delved into minds of others, but none as wonderful as hers. I try to capture what she sees with my camera, and never had I succeeded aside from a few very tiny tiny hint of success. I had never have a talk as encouraging as the talks I had with her, and nowhere as wonderful. I wished I could say more, but I prefer to leave some for myself. I have said this a long time before, and I will say it again, I love your art, and long to see the future you hold. Vania ardelia soemarsono, thank you for everything, thank you for showing me what I thought was improbable, and, I give you my congratulations, and wishes for future others can only imagine.




Now truly, I could say a lot more about these three people, but my I don't want to soil what reality they had with my writings. Vincent Tjandra, Ariani Kurniawati, and Vania Ardelia Soemarsono; thank you for your friendship, thank you for everything. Words cannot describe the wonders you three behold, and I truly love all three of you. Congratulations.

Yours truly, Adhytia Dwiprakoso Putra