The White Table And a Pile of Books

_MG_4221Hours of editing and four bottles of coffee later, here I was, finally typing the introduction to My sister's pre-wedding photos. The wonder of writing is that you don't have to worry about how you look while saying something - usually the readers will take care of those by their imagination themselves, so here goes. The four of us; My sis, Doug; her fiancee-but-actually-husband-already-but-for-the-sake-of-this-writing-fiancee, Vincent, and I, spent a whole day shooting prewed pictures. We went to about 8 locations, scattered around Columbus, OH, in around 7-8 hours, non-stop. We spent a total of around an hour of sitting, and that included driving, so needless to say it was a long day by the end of the day. I have to say, however, that all throughout the shoot, it was a wonderful experience. My sister and Doug never ceased to be energetic, never once lost a smile on their face, and to our gladness, never ceased to have fun - even after the long photo-shoot (some of which included running, and *ahem* faux-running). Over the eight locations, there always exist tons of "blooper" shots, which usually includes either or both of them making stupid poses, non-publishable expressions, and stupid gags; it was those fun and games that kept us going, and perhaps, for once in my ignorant life, made me a tad jealous of another's relationship - something I hadn't experienced before. There you go, sis, that's as much of a compliment as you're gonna get from me. Long story short, I believe that love is being able to have tons of fun even after 7 hours of pretending to point at books, running around in front of a stranger's house, and trying not to get run over by passing cars; for we are all young, and couldn't truly understand what love is, let us take it as such for now. I pray in the little time I spend praying, that the two of you never cease to make stupid faces at each other, no matter how difficult the times may be. Cheers. _MG_4199

Potentially heartwarming introduction aside, time for the pictures. With the help from a friend, I developed a pre-shoot vision of what the pictures are going to be like, and then decided on the theme and general color palette. There's a first time in everything, and this is my first time with said workflow. Many of the shots were preplanned to fit a certain narrative, though to be perfectly honest, it did not come out as effective as I would have wanted. I was wondering to myself how I could present the picture, and decided to go with narrative based arrangement. Below are some of the photos arranged along with the intended narrative.













I hope the narrative flowed along the pictures above. I took an alternative shot for the table and the books:


Following the narative shots, was supposed to be some more follow ups with sunsets, but the weather wasn't very helpful that day. I decided to skip the (practically nonexistent) sunset, and go ahead with more non-narrative shots. Most of the following shots were decided based upon lighting conditions. I would go somewhere, and would fall in love with the lighting of said place, and noted on how to utilize it. Near the heart of OSU, is an old building called Pomerene hall; an undergraduate based classrooms with huge windows allowing downpour of natural lights. Armed with a reflector/diffuser on hand, we played around with the light.













Finally, location based shot. I was walking around pomerene hall when I noticed some stairs/steps with large windows. The lights weren't as nice as I would've loved, but I thought that it might look good with some strobes. I took a canon 430EXII with an umbrella attachment, and shot away.




I also fell in love with the windows at Pistacia Vera, and decided to take some shoots there:






All in all, it was a great learning experience, and a great time working with three great people. I also want to thank German village's Bookloft for letting us shoot inside their store. Bookloft is jam packed (quite literally) with awesome books, both new and used, and most definitely many obscure ones, at great prices - also, seriously? did you guys see the interior of that bookstore? that's one awesome bookstore. The more spacious bookstore shots were taken in half price books - again, super great bookstore with awesome book at low prices; I got all of my photography books there! Another super thanks also to Pistacia Vera for letting us shoot at their awesome bakery. With PV, you have to, or rather, MUST try their macaroons, specifically their pistachio macaroons - not much can be said about that than "awesome piece of round thing."

If you somehow make it this far, I personally thank you; it means a lot to me that you enjoyed looking at some of the pictures I made. Thank you!!