White table and books

A quick shoutout to my good good friend Vincent Tjandra, for helping me with doing a prewed photoshoot with my sister and her fiance. Vincent, you were hands down awesome, and we couldn't have done the shots without you. As one might expect, from the previous opening line, my sister, her fiancee, Vincent, and I did a prewed photoshoot. The photoshoot had been planned for a while, but the ideas/locations itself had just been decided over the last couple of days. Sadly, the sunlight weren't as helpful as it could be, and decided to laser us with supreme intensity on a supposedly cloudy day; but we make do, for that's how we roll. We took tons of pictures over many places around Columbus, and I am still in the middle of going over all of them. I, however, have one very special one that I really want to edit right away, and it's the picture below. _MG_4390

As soon as i got home, the picture was uploaded to my PC, and was edited right away. The result above is a dirty edit, and may (and most likely will) change before its final version. Seeing the dirty edit, however, I couldn't help but to upload it. More will come!