The Thousand Yard

_MG_3035Michael, David, and I arrived in Oxford, Ohio around 1 PM; the sky was clearer than any days prior - a wonder for Ohio, where the weather had been pretty much a Russian roulette of ice, rain and cold. The three of us came to Oxford, to Miami University to attend a football match; this was my first collaboration project. A previous discussion I had with Michael established that I was going to take some action shots and some still shots. Obviously, I am more comfortable in hunting for moments in stills, slower paced moments; in fact, this was going to be my first action shoots, and boy was it a steep learning curve. Autofocus was my first problem - moving subjects means moving focus points, which means "single image focus" I had been using until now is rendered useless. I managed to borrow a Canon 70-200 f/4 IS from the folks at borrowlenses, and it, along with servo-AF, managed to fix my focusing problem (of course, it being a sunny day enabled me to use smaller apperture, and that always helps). The second problem is exposure, aperture priority gave me inconsistent readings and output on many shots. Remembering an article I read somewhere in Kenrockwell's site, I grabbed my lightmeter, took an incident light reading, and set my camera to manual; I only changed my aperture accordingly if the shot is distinctly overblown or underexposed - this saved me a lot of headache with dealing with pure white or pure black shirts. All problems aside, I borrowed another lens from Borrowlenses - Canon 16-35 f/2.6, and that, along with the tele 70-200, captured my heart completely. I used the 16mm end for the photo above, and shoot almost over the shoulder of one of the players. I used the 16-35 a lot for the still shots, for its in-your-face-wingeangle look; for the image below, I used the 35mm end. _MG_3404-2 Overall, I managed to grab a couple of mediocre action shots. The shallow depth of field provided by the 70-200 helped bring the pictures to life. Below are a couple of my favorites. _MG_3311




Much of the captured moments were due to luck - I had very little football knowledge. THe next couple of shots are those that I like a little less than the ones above (composition wise).














Overall, It was heck of a fun experience. I learned a lot, and managed to use great tools. More projects with different people will be posted, so stay tuned!