Tales of Cities: Wheeling

While heading towards Pittsburgh, I came across a town called Wheeling. Split right down in the middle by the ohio-West Virginian border, Wheeling looked a little like a mini-Pittsburgh with its small island and old metal bridges - and this interest me quite a bit. Between the three bridges that I came across, one looked older and more antique than the others. Lighting was severe - heavy sunlight on a very bright sunny day, but some pics turned out pretty good. Over the day I was in Wheeling, I met up to 8 people in the downtown area - one of them was Johnson. A man with his own story, all I have to say is best of luck for him. I strolled around the heritage port, overlooking the Wheeling island most of my time. Here are the pics. _MG_2615

_MG_2517 _MG_2515



_MG_2436 _MG_2487