1 year and 3 months; The Gap

At the time of this writing, my records indicated that it had been 1 year and 3 months since the first photo that I took - and the gap between me and infinity didn't seem to lessen, if not increased. To be more precise - and less stupid - it is actually the gap between me and the pros that I look up to that seemed to widen. Looking back to my time shooting my sister's civil wedding, I realized (even then, at the wedding itself) how terribly inexperienced I was. Fiddling with my off-camera flash, having difficulty with the exposure, not paying attention to composition (and didn't experiment with it at all, how disappointing), I struggled with my shoot way more than I wanted to. In a hindsight, it being an indoor shoot should have been an indication for me to use my faster lens, but I was too foolish, and opted to use the 17-40/4 instead. The composition I "Decided on" (or lack thereof), was mediocre at best, with one or two worth noting. In the end I was about as satisfied with my work as a man buying a wet log of wood for his fireplace. At such an important event, I realized how wide the gap is between me and my favorite photographers. Welp, no time to feel down, much to learn, more to experience. The next post of this kind will be within a year or so - let's see how far I would've gotten then.