White Satin

_MG_1994 "Ooh, grab a pic!" my sister said to me as we prepared to leave for wine tasting. I grabbed my camera as she stormed into her bedroom to put on some make up. We took some pictures, and were both pretty happy with some of the result.

On a recent trip to Cleveland, Ohio, my sister asked me to take picture of her in her wedding dress. I will be taking her pre-wed pictures in a couple of months, so I figured that this would be a good practice. Pre-weds are completely out of my comfort zone. I had no experience in it, as my main interest is journalism photography, landscape, and street photography. That said, one thing I realized was that no matter what photography you do; landscape, preweds, or even product photography, what matters is your vision - and how well you can deliver that through your images (which includes postprocessing, of course). Not to sound snobby, I have to put a disclaimer that my works are all amateur works, and therefore my words should be taken with many many grains of salt. At any case, below are some more pictures.