Tales of Cities - Music and colors of Chicago

I decided to undertake a new project for my travel photography series - Tale of Cities. Tale of cities will tell the story of cities I've gone to along with the photos I took there - some will be more exciting than others, but all will be dear the same. In the first Tale of Cities, I (and a bunch of my friends) decided to visit Chicago, IL. Tall, bright, and bustling - Chicago welcomed me with all its splendor. Dim sum in the Chinatown, the famed silver bean, the coastline - This is the tale of Chicago.We arrived in Chicago early in the morning - around 8 A.M., after leaving Columbus at 4 A.M. I was told of a good place to have dim sum in the Chinatown. Battling the morning cold, we stagger ourselves to the restaurant to get some morning grub.

As we walked through michigan Ave., the sound of music wafted through the air, luring my ears. The slanted notes and irregular rhythm screamed "Jazz!" to my heart. A man was playing his clarinet on top of a recorded track - it was undoubtedly a very thick jazz sound. I took a couple of pictures, and he did not seem to waver in his music playing, immersed in his own enjoyment. At one point he slanted to my side and looked at me as to pose - I took his picture.

A couple blocks down, as the jazz sounds disappear from the air, a lady was embracing her violin tight in her arms, it seemed like it was dear, like it was everything. As she stood in silence, I couldn't resist but to snap a picture of her. She then opened her eyes, put her violin on her shoulder, and started playing- It was the theme from Star Wars.

We finished the day walking around Navy Pier. The view of the city from there was great, as the ships were sailing around, leaving trails of light on my photos.

Chicago - bustling, artful, and somewhat confusing at times. It had been a great lesson and training for me in terms of both photography and writing, and I took more pictures. Below are more pictures I took in the trip.

Next Tale: Pittsburgh!