Tales of cities: 18 hours in Pittsburgh

A man was sitting in front of the restaurant I was having dinner on, he was wearing an ash colored fedora, a dark green shirt, with a glass of white wine on his hand. Swirling the wine, the man would sometimes greeted and chatted with random passerby, as if he knew everyone in town. It was almost 8 PM in the market square in Pittsburgh, and I was finishing my pasta as the man kept looking around for someone to chat with. Perhaps because it was Saturday, or maybe it's just Pittsburgh, but most people on the market district was pretty lax; sitting, drinking, and having a very slow meal - time slows down to a halt as the day grow older.

It was my 13th hour in Pittsburgh - I had spent the whole day walking around the city, taking pictures and looking for stories to tell. I did not came across much, but I had an impression of the city - it was beautifully ancient. The buildings looked old, decayed wall left its mark on the walls around the city as people passed in front of a broken down TV shop. It's sublime in a very very strange way.

As i walked through the market square, I saw a man sitting across an empty chair, a chess table between the two chairs. He looked as if he was waiting for someone. Perhaps not, I thought; perhaps the city was just taking him through the slow tempo of Saturday afternoon. I could be wrong.

I wished I had more time, as i was told of another place to go; yet it was not the time that I blame the most - it was myself. Hundreds of opportunity presented itself in front of me, and 4 pictures were taken. yet I kept moving on, I kept on learning. Next tale: Los Angeles! Hopefully.