Where am I now?

It has been almost 10 months (at the time of this writing, October 2012) since the first time i took on photography. With each step I took in it, the more I learn, the more I realized I know so little - but as time does, I march on. Welcome to my humble blog; I am an assitant researcher in a neuroelectrophysiology lab in OSU (think of it as "poking brains with electrified glass poles"), and I picked up photography around November 2011, and fell in love with peeking through the viewfinder. I picked up writing somewhere along the way, and decided to combine the two - photojournalism became my interest nowadays. I like telling stories, leading through the maze that is my mind, with the crumbs of literature as a guidance - sounds pretentious? perhaps, but moving on. All those said, stories without readers signifies the failure of a storyteller - my failure. I have therefore failed many many times, as my stories remains unread; but again, I learn, I develop, and I march on. For those of you who stumbled upon this blog - it will be better, little by little, I promise. My writing will be better, it will be more fun to read, and more importantly, my photos will be better as well. Enjoy reading, writing, and shooting!