New Site

A friend of mine and I had a chat about the importance of web presence. In this day and age (spoken like a true 22 years old) one cannot undermine the importance of web presence and attention to detail and design. As a practitioner of the pictorial arts, I understand that whatever improves the experience of enjoying said picture, is a part of the art itself; web design is one of them. David Duchemin, a humanitarian photographer whom I look up to once said (paraphrased) "do not skimp on portfolios, get it done, and get it done right."  A website that helps focus attention to the pictures will prove to be a indispensable tool today - especially for those who do not yet have the opportunity to display their works in a showroom or studio. So I did - I spent some time to finally revamp my blog and gallery. Along with walking around and taking pictures, spending some (difficult) time working on how you present those work of yours are also as important. That all said, to those of you taking the time to look at my blog and ramblings; first, thank you very much, you all made me happy, second, and most importantly, Enjoy your stay here. :)

More photos and stories coming up soon.