Journey with a friend

Where will my curiosity take me, if not the unknowns? and what better way do I have find out than to walk? With that in mind, I called a good friend of mine living in Wooster, OH. "Andika, what say you I go to Wooster this weekend?" I said. An okay away and there I was, 12 AM in the morning, driving towards Wooster, a little over an hour away from Columbus, OH. I went to Wooster to meet an old friend, and to get fresh with my head; my old friend also helps with the second one. I brought with me my Camera, a wide angle lens, a tripod, a cable release, and left Columbus. I arrived at Andika's house at a little over 1 AM; it took a little over half an hour for him to recover from his sleep before we can start our journey.

The night was dark, the moon red; it was a night unlike others I've had in Columbus - I suppose it was normal in Wooster. We went to some fields where I would stood my tripod to take pictures. "I swear those fireflies have some kind of firing pattern in their glow", he would say; we would continue to chat non-stop as I kept taking pictures. One of the fields we went to, a soccer field behind a church, was full with fog. The skies were starry, and the grounds cold, wet with morningdew. We stayed there for almost an hour, if not a little more, and chat throughout the night.

The time was close to 4 AM when we finally decided to leave the soccer fields. Andika was aware of a swamp that he found interesting, and we were going to go there to check things out. As we drive through the city of Wooster, we passed through an interesting spectacle by the side; I noticed a mechanical monstrosity hid behind the thick fog. I yanked Andika and asked him what that was. "A train weighting station, and a junkyard" he said, "wanna go there?". Now both of us have a gleam on our eyes that says "yes" - so we stopped there. We walked around the junkyard, behind the thick fog, a skeletal-dome like structure looked sinister, especially when the surroundings are bathed in red and green glow.

A little more walking around and we noticed three trucks were left to dust in the junkyard, next to a couple more vehicles.

As dusk approached, we decided that we wanted to take some pictures of the sunrise, so we headed to a lake in Wooster. Unfortunately, the sun was faster than us, rushing towards the horizon in the speed of, well. a sun. We stopped next to a soybean fields to take some pictures of the sunrise. As i snapped a couple picts, Andika managed to identity the stage of growth of the soybean plants, along with their health conditions. It is as good of a time as any to explain that Andika is a soybean researcher focusing in mycologic diseases.

As we walked back towards our car, I snapped a couple more pictures.

Seeing as we were close to the lake, we decided to pay a visit. We visited the lake's marina, and walked around.

Close to 8 AM in the morning we decided to go home and get some quick rest - it turned out to be a 4 hour rest. At 12PM, we went out again to visit the city of Wooster. We came across a gemshop, filled with stones and gems. The owner was nice enough to answer all of our questions, which took him almost an hour. By the end of the day, we had grown to like the guy and the shop, we decided that we're gonna go stone searching and return there with any results for him to shape.

As we exited the store, Andika received a phone call from his friend. I barely heard words like "goat, beer, drinks, this afternoon?". He hung up, turned to me, and say "do you wanna eat some goat?" A friend of his just finished slaughtering a whole goat, and asked if we wanted to come over and enjoy the spoils - So I said "yes!" with all my might.

Andika's friend, Godwill, is one heck of a guy, he hunts, prepares, and cook one hell of a goat too. Along with his cousin and families, Godwill helped brighten the rest of the day with barrage of delicious dishes of goat - Goat leg, goat liver, and goat soup. Goat, beer, and company, there's no way the day could get any better - oh and a lot of dancing with the newest African music. It was an unbelievable lunch, Godwill and his family couldn't be more hospitable.

The trip ended at 4 PM; I was pleased, Andika was pleased and promised to tell me when he'd visit Columbus. It was such a great time. He left off with a gem of words: "Wooster, is a small city, but what makes it worthwile, is the people in it" - I couldn't agree more; Godwill and his family is a testament to that. I will visit wooster again, and if you have a friend there, don't be afraid to visit. Wooster is a gem within a gem.