A small journey

What is it that compels us to travel 2.5 hours from Columbus only to return the same night at 12 AM? Nothing. One good friend of mine during the voyage said "it's the journey that matters", and boy I couldn't agree more. It was a wednesday afternoon when we decided to randomly go to Cleveland to check out a waterfall there. the Brandywine waterfalls. Another friend of mine told me that we should just go on the same day, just because; so we did, we gunned the trip for no apparent reason other than "just because", which is sometimes more reason than one (or three) ever needed. In the middle of the path, we came across a giant bridge, which attracts our attention. We decided to just stop and take a couple of photos. The lights and the sky was nice; it was a good moment. When we then arrived at the waterfalls, it wasn't as nice as it seemed in the pictures, which is as expected seeing as this is summer and all. We took a couple of pictures anyway and go with it. A couple more strolls and we obtained more pictures of the area. Below are a couple of pictures from the voyage.