Cruising through life with your camera

Sometimes the best of photographs are obtained through the unlikeliest, or rather stupid methods. I would say this is one of the example of such photos. Had anybody actually see me as I was taking this photo, I would be condemned as irresponsible, stupid, and just a downright terrible human being. Sure, no one was harmed in the process, but I still strongly discourage anyone from trying to use the same method. That said, the photo was taken on a journey back from Cleveland; I took of from Cleveland at around 12:30 AM. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, as I was safely cruising at 65 mph, I noticed glimpses of light next to me; it was from random cars passing the opposite direction, road signs reflecting my headlights, or just some towers. I took my camera that has been sitting next to me, accompanying the lonely journey, and started taking long exposure shots. All of the waves and movement of the lights are 'naturally' created from the bumps and movements of the car; I didn't move the camera any more than I need to keep it steady on the steering wheels. The resulting pictures, about 15 of them were ranging from "nothing at all" to "trippy-LSD-induced-hallucination" shots.One of my favorite one is the purple thunder above.

Granted, my method was less than conventional; I couldn't even compose the shot, even less see what was happening, but one of the joys of photography is actually taking it. This picture represents the "fun" aspect of photography, and almost solely so. The experience was beautiful; there I was, the only car going my direction, and I was by myself taking shots accompanied only by the sound of the five for fighting CD I purchased before the trip, it was as close to fun as possible when taking pictures.

Again, I STRONGLY discourage people from taking picture while driving at 65 mph. However, when there's no other car around, and your trusted camera is right next to you, and you're into this sort of things, it is up to your own free will to try doing it, because for me it was one heck of a lot of fun (just be VERY VERY CAREFUL). In extension, not only this, but any other fun-non conventional methods you can discover as you randomly have fun with your camera, cherish it, and don't be afraid to try anything. Sometimes it's only between you and your camera (whatever camera you own, obviously).