Une Nuit

The time was around 2.15 AM when I finally arrived home; a long day, I thought. Scenes replayed in my head like a projector; experiments, dinner, study, and a long night. As I walked towards my bedroom, my eyes wandered towards my camera, sitting quietly, mischievously on my sofa, it was right in front of my balcony.  "Come" it said, "play with me for a while"; it did not take me long to comply, I was weak-minded, and it knows well how to tempt me. I grabbed a jacket, my guitar, my tripod and my camera, and sat there, taking tens of photos while my guitar keeps me company; my jacket kept the night bearably warm. The night was dark, yet the clouds so immensely thick; it was beautiful. The clouds swirled away from the horizon, seemingly unending, as the air grew colder, and colder. I was there alone, yet lonely, I was not.

I took more than forty pictures in the course of almost an hour, that was before I grew more and more tired, and my battery was dying. One of the shot was inspired partially by an Indonesian photographer, Henki Koentjoro: a master of black and white serenity. His name up there was a link to his Facebook page, upon which you shall find many many blissful pictures; most of which are from Indonesia.

I closed the night with another moon photo. The moon turned out better than it was before, if only by a little.

It was another foolishly long night, yet it felt a little more bearable. I blame the succubus that is my camera for the night, and with that I shall take my leave.