Lost for a long time

It feels as if I have been sleeping for a long time; waking up only to find a good friend waiting for me. The day was beautiful, yet the night was more than what I could have ever wished for. By the time I got home, the moon seduced me, pulled me away from my house, into my balcony, prompting me to set up my tripod and try a shot, or two, or three, or twenty eight. I went back to re-shoot once, to obtain the last piece, the one I thought was sufficient enough; this was it. That night I told my friend: moon is but a vast sea for me, calm, serene, and timeless. I have always wanted to take a picture of the moon, yet never actually got the chance, nor the courage too; now I do. My lens was not a super-telephoto, its longest focal length is 300mm, but it just had to work. I cropped the shot, sprinkle it with enough plastic surgery to make a certain asian culture blush, and voila! something I thought of as "meh", not too bad.

The day was good, the night unsurpassable. It was a good day.