End of Act 1.

It has come upon me, an ending, and an intermezzo; the curtain falls, yet the song kept playing. As the week shifted, I had been dragged from the grounds, to the sky, and back again; it has been a roller coaster ride, is what I am trying to say. Last saturday, I was given the amazing chance of taking photos for the LGBT prom, arranged by the Kaledioscope Youth Center; an experience that taught me a lot about everything, photography, life, you name it, but for now, mostly photography. I was given a light fixture,  a blank backgroud, and the freedom to take whatever picture I want to take; the Kaledioscope was even nice enough to provide me with release forms. I shall write more on the prom and the Kaledioscope later this week, but for now, a sneak peak. What happens next was a big play; then an end. What happens now is an intermezzo; I am standing up again, as a promise to myself and someone dear; and I walk. As of yet I am grasping for air through this blog; another thing I thought  I'd never do; as of yet I am weak. This will hopefully be the last post of this kind; yet where there's stories of life, there's always going to be black pages; this is mine, this is this blog's. Why a post, I wonder to myself, I still do not understand; but perhaps, just perhaps, this post, is meant for someone. A small note that says "act. 2 will be a whole lot better".

So the curtain falls, yet the music keeps playing.