Your Name

Put your name on the future of medicine, the project is aptly named. Ohio State University's newly renamed Wexner medical center once again reached out to its faculties, staffs, and students to take part in building one of its new expansion, the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Researh Institute Critical Care Center. Right in front of James Cancer Hospital lie a piece of steel beam; upon its surface, hundreds of names, signs, and what seems to be a hello kitty drawing were carved with markers, soon to be forever a part of Wexner medical center.

It is indeed a nice gesture, this project. Later the signee can look back to the building and say "yes, my handwriting is somewhere in there", without getting anywhere near a vandalism charge. Deep down we all love putting our names somewhere, on a piece of wood, under a bridge, and in this case, a piece of steel bar. This project reaches out to the playful vandals inside of us, grabbing our hands, putting a marker on it and says: "Go on, write your name, write whatever you want, and it shall be a part of something bigger", so we did.

For those of you vandals at heart, doodlers, and fun loving random pedestrians, the steel bar is still there; it will be raised on May 21, so go sign your name, doodle your favourite pokemon, or immortalize your love for your companion on this piece of steel bar like hundreds have done before, and last, but not least; Go Bucks!