The withered

[slideshow] It was a sunny day after two consecutive rainy ones, so we

decided to go out and snap a bunch of pictures in Columbus' Park of Roses. The park was beautiful, knee deep in flowers and, as the name implies, roses; or at least it would have been if the condition was perfect, and at the right time. It was not. .

The number offlower petals we saw can easily be counted with both hands, perhaps some extra fingers on our foot. We weren't expecting too much when we were heading to the park, and we got even less. Nonetheless, we took a bunch of picture, walked around, and went out of the "safe" area, towards the "do not enter" areas; most of the riverside pictures are taken form those areas. Some of the pictures I like more than others, as per usual, but it didn't turn out that bad. If the heart is the true lens of the camera, then I have yet to obtain that heart. Sooner or ater, though, I might.