T'was a Starry Night

[slideshow] Underneath the dark starry skies, and across the small wooden dock overseeing a silent black lake, there I was, tinkering with my camera, trying to see if taking pictures of the stars is possible with only 30 seconds exposure. It was a first for me, and though largely dismissed by my friend as 'impossible', I thought to myself "meh".

A bunch of my friends were laying down facing up when they suddenly shouted "Meteor!!" and started pointing to an area in the sky. I gave up my camera tinkering and joined them laying down on a patch of sleeping bag hastily laid on hard concrete ground, and started pointing whenever a meteor was seen, burning the last of its life entering the atmosphere as a bright white trail. There weren't nearly as much meteors as was predicted, much less to be called "meteor shower", but we had our fun. Nerdy jokes were crackled, talks about equator lines, black holes, and star mass filled the cold dawn as our breath freeze up in the air.

I stood up and continue tinkering with my camera, taking long exposure pictures of the dock, once in a while I would hear my friends shouting in the background. In one of the pictures, I noticed that a single star was visible near the horizon. I turned my camera towards one of the cabin under the starry skies, and within a few shots and tries, I managed to get one picture that I found satisfactory. Sure it was not as good as a million other star pictures out the in the internet, but I was unprepared, and that was my first time; I'll take that as a success.

We ended the night taking a photo of OHIO, the sign and pride of our university, and left with the stars in our heart and our pictures. T'was a starry night indeed.