Santa maria, Columbus, And AmongOthers, Basketball?

[slideshow] Spent a few hours around downtown Columbus today to take a few shots (a few ~ 500) and came up with 4(!) presentable ones. Included in them are: The picture of St. Maria, a ship that allegedly... okay I honestly have no clue about St. maria, A decaying wall below a bridge in Scioto mile, Shadows below the bridge near COSI, and finally, some random flower.

AsI went home do some laundry, I noticed a few people playing basketball at a court near my house, and thought "what the hell", and asked if i could snap a few picts of their game. They agreed, and so i did; I got some good picts, and two of them are shown here. Nowhere near even an amateur sports-photographer, I know, but I decided to send the photos to their email (of which I asked after I took the photos)