Small things matter- an amateur photographer's point of view.

One of the reasons of why I like photography is the tiny little gems that it can produce- a beautiful picture, an idea I suppose, this is one of those moments.I feel that as an amateur photographer I can capture tiny details in life, one that is sometimes overseen. The picture to the right is of two of my friends who are dating (one of which have been featured in this blog before). The guy is an amazing photographer, and the girl is an amazing artist (check out her works here). But the picture is not only about them, it represents an idea, an idea represented by something as simple as their fingers crossing. For me it could be sweet, cuddly, romantic, or even intimately suggestive, yet the picture tells nothing more than that. It's that sense of ambiguity, yet suggestiveness that (I guess) made me fall in love in photography. One say a picture conveys a thousand words, I say keep some for the imagination.

What i see in this picture is their intimacy, and that's more than enough for me to like it. Some of you see more, some of you see less, but at the very least you'll see two fingers crossing; and that's more than enough for me to want to show you this picture.