Stained astrocytes. What fun. :D

It has been a long long week; but one that is fruitful. On the right is a picture of several astrocytes stained for GFAP or Glial fibriary acidic protein, which is a protein that conforms to the cytoskeleton of the cell. The green that we see, is therefore, the shape of the majority of the cell. The smaller processes were not captured by this staining process due to many factors, including it being destroyed upon isolation, among many others. Cell staining accounts for one of the majority of ways to visualize a cell, whether it's a brain, kidney, or any other cells. Among the many types, one of the most used staining techniques is the immunostaining, which makes use of proteins available in the cells itself and antibodies developed against those antibodies through bioengineering.

I will talk about immunostaining more after i finish my guide on proteins. I know it's taking some time, but I am working on it, and will get it done ASAP.

In the meantime. Here's one more pict of a double stained astrocyte.