New year, Projects, and Gallery hopping

Happy new year! I should say; 5 days have passed since the change of years, and things are going in the speed of sound. School started, work resumed, and photography halted; for a little while, that is, until this weekend, hopefully. This weekend (January 7th), Columbus' short north host a gallery hopping day, a monthly event done every first Saturday where rows and rows of both art enthusiasts and random visitors flood the short north, visiting the galleries there. The Gallery hop starts officially at 4 PM., and extends till 10 PM., the restaurants will likely  open until considerably later.

The weather will be somewhere around upper 30's, with 20% chance of precipitation, so the night will be beautiful, and try to layer up with warmers. :)

This gallery hop will be my first, despite the fact that I have been here for a while. Pictures will be taken, and food and drink shall be had. If you are interested, visit the site here!, and join me at the Columbus Gallery hopping!. -Adi