As the light fades...And the skin blushes

It's 2.30 AM, and I just finished uploading my phoils (photo spoils) of the day. Every year, Columbus zoo has an event called "wild lights"; which is basically lighting up the zoo at night as a place for families to go to. Me, and my friends decided to go (and since the Canadian loved penguins, we thought it'd be nice, and it was) to the Columbus zoo for both sightseeing and photohunting; after all, we're still on break. The weather got colder and colder throughout the night, as the lights started to outshine the darkness. I got a bunch of pictures (~200 pics), and from those 200, derived 15 worth seeing. To the right is one of my favorite pict. It's a pict of the Canadian guest enjoying the fisheries at Columbus Zoo.

For more picts, check out my DevArt, Here!

Also, remember that there are two other people who came with me to the photohunt, they are:

1. Baput88 2. The Canadian

All in all, it was a great fun, lots of laughter was had, katon of photos were taken, weighing up to and more than 8 gigs of memory.