Christmas Eve Photohunt

For funsies, me and two of my friends (seen at the right) decided to go photohunting in German village, Columbus, OH. Let me assure you, the weather is freezing; very much so, that i still have difficulty typing this post. The resulting pictures on the other hand, are as warm as a fuzzy puppy. Out of ~200 picts, I managed to get 9 good ones. Not bad forthe first outdoor photo taking experience; all thanks to my good companies; L.S. and W.S. (again, see to the right).

I am putting two photos here just because; for more pictures, check out my newly established DevArt-photography page:

DevArt Page Here! :)

For those of you who actually goes out to click that link, thank you so much for actually taking the time to do so. :)

Anyway, Enjoy! :)

Oh, and also: Merry Christmas! :)