A little test, a big practice

So after getting my Canon 60D, I finally have some time to take a bunch of picts other than cardboard milk and darth vader flashdrives. One of the new picture is the one below It's, as you might notice, my guitar on top of a very useful piece of crimson blanket. This is one of a hundred (literally) photos that I take on the same project (guitar on red blanket). It came pretty close to whatI expected, but it could've been better. As a good friend of mine said, f2.5 is bokeh enough.




Another pict is this one : A picture of two of my friends; one somewhat old-ish, one very new. One of these two people just came from Canada, and is somewhat notorious there (if somebody ever ask you about this, sorry, Christina, it's my fault). For those of you living under a rock, and does not know her, she actually has a website:

Click here for website!

Both a great artist and a great architect-to-be, feel free to contact her for your next house-building inquiries.

The other guy is Hantan, dude has his own dev-art:

Click here for Dev-Art!

A great photographer, in fact he's one of my photo guru, he also focuses on construction and momusu (for those of you who don't know what momusu is, shame on you. is what he'd say).  Be sure to check out his awesome Dev-Art, and again, contact him for your next house-building inquiries