It was raining

I felt the urge to sketch, so i did. A portrayal of a scene in the past, one that is quirt exciting for me. My ability

to sketch situations are below average, while my character sketches are only average as long as i don't try to pose them. This is a great example of a messed up sketch; somewhere in the middle my hand got tired. Oh well, I 'm not an artist, nor am I in art major, and i just sketch for fun, so I consider this one a well done sketch.

Drawing is a big part of my life; I have been drawing for at least four fifth of my entire conscious life, i just don't get better at it. I draw when I'm excited, when I got an idea of a manga-type character whilst trying to sleep; this actually covers around 70% of my whole sketchbook. I draw when I'm happy, disturbed, and I draw when I'm down.

Drawing and music, I say, are two things that soothes the heart, clears the mind, and lifts the spirit. As melancholic as i might sound saying that, to be perfectly honest, it's quiet true.

So Draw, Play (music), and Eat!

Oh and if possible, learn biochem, they're the bees' knees; or if you're British, they're the dog's bollocks.